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Privacy Policy

        Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237 is always looking for ways to protect the privacy of our members. We also protect the privacy of anyone that visits our website or gets in contact with us. We only collect information from people voluntary. We do not collect any information without the users knowledge.

        Any information that we collect is kept by us for its intended purpose. It is not given out to 3rd parties for purposes such as advertisements or mailing lists. If the information as part of a registration process, then it is kept in a database for the lodge/event. That information is handled by a small number of people and is not made public in any way, without the approval of the user.

        The information that we use is collected through the forms on our site. An example of one of the forms is here.  The forms collect things like name, email, and phone number. When you register with us through our online store, we do get information from Wix. We get information such as name, email, address, last four digits of credit card, and phone number. Along with all that, we get the information about the order that you placed with us. We treat this information the same way that that we treat any other information that we collect.

        Any information that is collected by Wix, the website host service, is not use by the lodge in any way. It is used by Wix for the purposes of providing you the content on our site. An example would be cookies from your browser. Stripe, the payment service on the online store, also has their own Privacy Policy. Any information that they collect is not under the direction of this lodge.

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