2019-2020 Aal-Pa-Tah Leadership

Lodge Chief: Kyle Webb

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for all Lodge Activities to the Council Scout Executive. Represents the Lodge to the Section Council of Chiefs. Oversees the Lodge Executive Committee and its adjourning committees. Delivers annual report to the Council Executive Board.

Bio: I have been a scout since tiger cubs and have been in scouting ever since. Over the years I have served in many positions as a founding member of Troop 296 serving as its first SPL and now serving as an assistant scoutmaster. I have also had the opportunity to serve on National Youth Leadership Training for 3 years with this year being my fourth with the pleasure of being the SPL and course leader for N.Y.L.T. S4-85-19-1. I have also had the opportunity to attend National Jamboree 2017 and National Order of The Arrow Conference 2018. Over the past two years I have worked very closely with the program aspects of our lodge. Serving as both the A-Bani-Ki Chapter Chief as well as the Vice Chief of Program. It is an honor to serve  as this years Lodge Chief with the ability to positively impact the scouts of our council.

Lodge Adviser: Mr. Robert
Lodge Staff Adviser: Mr. McLoughlin
Contact: chief@aalpatah.org
Vice-Chief of Program: Zach Gerner

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for all Lodge Activities and Program. Oversees the planning of lodge weekends through the weekend planning committee. Responsible for coordinating AIA and Contingent Leaders​

Bio: I was elected into the OA October 2015. I went through the ordeal in February 2016 and I had a blast. I knew immediately that I was going to love the Order of the Arrow. My first year of being the OA was not well spent as I was the SPL of my troop and could not attend many of the weekends. However, as soon as I was done with that position I started going into the OA full force. That's when I met Kyle Webb, Kyle saw me as an enthusiastic scout who had potential so he put me under his wing. Eventually when he was the program chair I followed and helped where I could, learning as I went. Soon enough he became the vice chief of program, that is when I became his program chair. Being program chair has taught me a lot but I still have much to learn. I'm listening and taking notes on how the past leadership ran the lodge and how I can take their successes and turn them into a great program. On my personal time I like working on my car, skating, and just hanging out, all while doing my homework of course. Something I really want to put into effect this year is a program committee, a group of people I can turn to and rely on to help me make program the best it can be. If you are at all interested or know someone who is please contact me at the address below. Thank you.



Program Adviser: Ms. Richter

Contact: program@aalpatah.org

Vice-Chief of Service: Jeffery L.

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for planning and executing all Lodge Service initiatives. Works with the Camp Rangers and Service Adviser to plan large and small projects alike.

Coordinates Lodge volunteer efforts towards council events. Also responsible for meal service.

Bio: I look forward to the next coming year. I have great ideas for camp via service wise, I hope to make this year meaningful to all of you by having projects that you will remember and have a great impact on camp. I hope  to see you all at the up coming weekends.


Service Adviser: Mr. LaRossa

Contact: service@aalpatah.org

Vice-Chief Inductions: Christopher M.

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for all inductions efforts in the Lodge including Ordeals and Brotherhood. Appoints Ceremony roles. Oversees Unit Elections efforts with Chapter Chiefs. ​

Bio: I’ve been in scouting for 10 years of my life. I am a (very) active member of Troop 125 in Wellington Florida. I also am very active with high adventure programs, some adventures being Philmont scout ranch, summer 2019 and Florida sea base, winter 2019. When it comes to the Order of the Arrow, I am relatively new to the lodge, I joined the lodge during the spring ordeal in 2018 but I am motivated to help this lodge in my area. Finally I would like to accomplish multiple things regarding inductions this coming year like: increasing our brotherhood conversion rate, basically having more people reach the brotherhood rank, and increase our involvement in ceremonies, so if you would like to be a bigger part of the lodge, please consider joining.


Inductions Adviser: Ms. Carnes

Contact: inductions@aalpatah.org

Lodge Secretary: Wilner Joseph

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for the social media and publications utilized by the Lodge. Appoints ond oversees committees to run the website, social media pages, and the construction and printing of Gator Tales.​ Takes minutes at LEC Meetings. 

Bio: In 2017, Wilner Joseph was elected into the Order of the Arrow. He completed his Ordeal that spring, proudly becoming a member of Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237. In 2018 he sealed his membership through Brotherhood. Since joining the Order of the Arrow, Wilner has attended the 2018 NOAC and will be attending the 2020 NOAC. Wilner has served on the Tanah Keeta Summer Camp staff for the past 3 years. He was also selected to serve on the NYLT Staff of S4-85-18 and was one of the Woodbadge Youth Assistant Course Directors for SR-85-18. Within Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge, Wilner has cheerfully served as a two term Chapter Chief and a two term Lodge Secretary.

Secretary Adviser: Mr. Derryberry

Contact: secretary@aalpatah.org

Lodge Treasurer: Tristan D.

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for Lodge finances. Drafts an annual budget under the guidance of the Treasurer Adviser and the Lodge Staff Adviser; brings to LEC for approval. Oversees Lodge Box, and assists weekend committees in budgeting weekend activities.​

Bio: I have been in Scouting since 2010. I received my Eagle in May 2017. I have been a part of the OA for over 2 years, and during that time, I have been Chapter Chief of Lowaneu Mawat and I am currently serving on the ceremonial team for the lodge. I have participated and staffed for the NYLT course. I had the opportunity to go on the 2018 NOAC trip to University of Indiana and highly recommend that everyone should attend the next NOAC in 2020 at University of Michigan. I encourage you to join the Order of the Arrow and be an active participant!

Treasurer Adviser: Ms. Yentz

Contact: treasurer@aalpatah.org

Lodge Historian: Caleb W.

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for documenting Lodge History, and regularly keeping the lodge gallery up-to-date. Oversees the display and competition of the Lodge King's Cup. ​

Bio: Caleb is an active member of Gulf Stream Council.  He joined the Venturing program at the age of 14 to advance his scout skills and to have more opportunities. Caleb is currently the Southern Region Area 4  VP Program. Caleb has also been active in the Order of the Arrow since 2016.  He attended the National Youth Leadership Training in 2016 and was apart of the staff for 2017 and 2018. Caleb has been to the Summit Bechtel Reserve twice, he attended the 2017 National Jamboree as well as Venturefest 2018. Besides working toward his Discovery Award as well as the rank of  Eagle Scout. Caleb hopes to provide a stellar program for the 2019/2020 year and is looking forward to Venturefest 2020.


Historian Adviser: Mr. Grabasch

Contact: historian@aalpatah.org

Chapter Chiefs

ResponsibilitiesResponsible for all organizing and leading Chapter Meetings, activities and events. Appoints and leads a Chapter executive board if one is established within the chapter. Represents the chapters at the Lodge Executive Council Meetings. Competes on behalf of the chapter at the end of year "Best All Around Chapter" Competition.

A-Bani-ki: Sean McCabe

Bio: Sean McCabe is a member of troop 208 and is currently an Assistant Scoutmaster. He recently turned 18 and will continue to stay active as a youth in OA. He Served as his Troop's SPL and has now transitioned to the role of A-Bani-Ki chapter chief. His goal is to bring back the "Best All Around Chapter" title to the chapter this year. He plans to continue his cheerful service as a member of the OA.


Adviser: Mr. Olbrych

Contact: everglades@aalpatah.org

Nee-Kee-Wa: Sutherland H.
Wyhome-Pa-Tah: Carlos C.

Bio: My name is Carlos and I am proud to say that I will be serving as our amazing chapter’s Chief. I have been an active member in scouting since joining as a Webelo Two in Cub Scouts, and joined our brotherhood at the 2017 Spring Ordeal. My goal for the year is to push are chapter to become the best it possibly can, and hopefully the title of Best all around Chapter. Over the years I have attended vast amounts of conferences from this past NOAC to the most recent National Jamboree where I feel I have developed the necessary skills to accomplish the goals I have put forth.


Adviser: Mrs. Goodman

Contact: lighthouse@aalpatah.org

Oi-Ya-Tah: Gavin W.

Bio: I have been in scouting for 5 years now and have been part of the Order of the Arrow for about a year and a half. I am part of Troop 479 and have served in several leadership roles over the years, including SPL for several terms. I hope to improve the chapter this year. Some of my goals include increasing chapter troop relations and hosting a chapter ordeal.


Adviser: Dawn Fowler

Contact: TreasureCoast@aalpatah.org

Lowaneu Mawat: Kevin P.

Bio: Hi, my name is Kevin and I am proud to say that I will be serving as the Lowaneu Mawat Chapter Chief this year. I have been an active member of Boy Scouts and joined the OA at Spring Ordeal 2016. I am a current member of Troop 567 and I am a Life Scout and the OA Representative. I am a Brotherhood member of the Aal Pa Tah Lodge and I am currently working on my Eagle Scout project. 

I have been an Elangomat for 6 Ordeals in the Order of the Arrow. I have been awarded the Bob Trojan Spirit of the Elangomat Award for 2 years in a row. My goal for the year is for the Lowaneu Mawat Chapter is to bring the membership percentage up and to aim for the title of the Best All Around Chapter.

Over the years I have been to NOAC where I learned many skills from leadership seminars and participated in a lot of fun activities. I feel I can use these skills to bring my chapter together and to lead us to a successful year of Scouting.  I plan to continue my cheerful service for my lodge as a member of the OA. 


Adviser: Mrs. Faillace

Contact: indianriver@aalpatah.org

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