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UPDATED: 7/19/18

We're only one week out! Make sure to be working proactively on the contingent "to-do list". This will help our check-in process go along smoothly, without delays. NOAC is gonna be awesome!

Check out the "to-do" list below!



___ Submit any outstanding payments

___ Complete any red issues on your NOAC registration

___ Confirm your t-shirt size on the form on the right hand side. 

___ Order the spirit pack, and extra shirts as desired

___ Submit copies of your BSA Health Forms Parts A, B, & C

___ (if applicable) Submit a certificate of your YPT 2 (18+ year olds)

___ Review the contingent information packet & NOAC code of conduct

NOTE: any forms can be sent to with 

"NOAC FORMS" in the subject heading.



TRIP DATES: July 28th - August 5th


DATE/TIME: July 28th, 8:00am

LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale International, Terminal 1 - Southwest Airlines Gate

    *** NOTE: We will check-in as a contingent at 8:00am, do not be late! ***


DATE/TIME: August 5th, 9:00pm

LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale International, Terminal 1 - Baggage Claim

    *** NOTE: You will be released as soon as a parent/guardian checks you out with the Lodge Adviser, Steve Whalen. Please be on time!!! ***



July 28th - DAY ONE

Travel to Chicago - we are flying on to different planes into Chicago Midway (MDW)

Please note: your flight assignment will be given to you upon check-in at Fort Lauderdale FLL

Upon landing, we will meet our vans and travel to Camp Lakota.

We will be staying in air-conditioned cabins, complete with bunks and hot showers. No tents are necessary.


July 29th - DAY TWO

Our day two activities include Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, and the Willis Tower Skydeck (note; is an opt-in)

-- Bring $24 for a ticket to the skydeck if you're interested! --


July 30th - AUGUST 4TH

NOAC 2018

August 4th - DAY EIGHT

Our main post-trip activity will be the Indianapolis Zoo

We then return to Camp Lakota to stay the night.

August 5th - DAY NINE

Travel back to Fort Lauderdale. Pick-up at 9:00pm that night.

NOAC 2018




Patch pre-orders are closed. Any orders you made will be available to pick-up when we check-in at FLL

If we have extra sets, they will be available to purchase upon arrival to Camp Lakota.


This year, the lodge will not provide the contingent spirit pack with the registration fee.

It is highly recommended that you purchase one. It will include the following:

- durable green drawstring backpack (will be used for distributing shirts & patches at FLL)

- contingent spirit gear: light stick, glasses, gator hat.


The Lodge will provide you with ONE contingent t-shirt.

It is highly recommended that you order extras. We are offering the following:

- Basic Contingent t-shirt - $12

- Gators of the Galaxy t-shirt - $12

- Contingent polo shirt - $20

These will be ready to pick-up upon check-in at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

Our NOAC shirts are part of the mandatory contingent uniform.

Laundry services will be available at IU.

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Do you have any questions about the National Order of the Arrow Conference?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Youth Contingent Leader:

Robert U.

Adult Contingent Adviser:
Mr. McLoughlin

Thanks! Message sent.

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